In early June, Expat Service Vorarlberg organised a visit to Kunsthaus Bregenz, offering a unique opportunity for expats to delve into the world of contemporary art and immerse themselves in cultural experiences.

The tour commenced with a glimpse into the remarkable architecture of Kunsthaus Bregenz itself. We were captivated by interesting facts and insights about the building, which seamlessly blends contemporary design with its surroundings.

Our guided tour through the museum introduced us to the awe-inspiring installations of Monira Al Qadiri, a renowned contemporary artist. Her thoughtfully crafted artworks challenged our perceptions. Her message is clearly well-placed in recent times – be aware of our planet!

After the enriching art tour, we headed to Beachbar Bregenz, a charming lakeside venue, to soak up the warm summer weather. The idyllic setting provided the perfect backdrop for us to relax and connect with fellow expats.