Expat Service Vorarlberg recently visited Schwarzach’s enchanting Subirerhof, a farm-centered restaurant that exclusively serves self-made food and beverages. With over 20 attendees, we relished in the warm summer weather, indulging in delicious farm-fresh cuisine, and enjoying live music. As children played outside, parents found relaxation in the tranquil surroundings.


Subirerhof’s commitment to farm-to-table dining was evident in its variety of cheese, sausages and bread. The Most, made of apples (similar to cider) was the star of the evening.

The ambiance was great, with live music providing a soulful backdrop to our gathering. With great weather we enjoyed views on the Austrian and Swiss Alps.

Our visit to Subirerhof was a remarkable experience given the authentic food, regional music and idyllic location.

We will come again!


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