Discovering the Inner Workings of Bregenz Festival with Expat Service Vorarlberg

Our recent expedition to Bregenz Festival, accompanied by around 20 expats, provided an insightful journey into the world behind the scenes. We gained a comprehensive understanding of the advanced technology underpinning the floating stage and delved into its historical roots. We could even step on the stage of the current show and realised how actors must feel being observed by thousands of spectators. The globally renowned Bregenz Festival boasts a staggering 7,000 seats, cementing its status as the largest lakeside auditorium.

Following an engaging guided tour offering exclusive insights into the festival and opera house, we relished a leisurely lakeside lunch with picturesque views. Anticipation lingers as we await our return next year, excited to witness the unveiling of Bregenz Festival’s new stage design for “Der Freischütz.”


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